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Superior Quality

A brilliant white colour and 120° angle of light distribution provide the most natural lighting product available in the market. Not only do Green Bulb lamps give you the best in terms of lighting quality, our 50,000 hour lifespan is a great method for lowering maintenance expenses!

Energy Savings

An astonishing 90% savings in energy costs on average! Our LED lamps also contribute to reducing your cooling expenses.

LED Lighting

LED’s are the world’s most efficient lighting source! Green Bulb has an established lighting solution offering a 120° light output. The 120° angles enable Green Bulb to provide world class products ideal for creating natural ambient lighting. Green Bulb also offers lamps using a 60° lighting angle; ideal for using in an atmosphere where you are looking to create a spot light effect or as an accent light due to our dimming capabilities.

Environmentally Friendly

All of Green Bulb’s lamps are free of mercury (ROHS compliant), emit no UV rays, and are also capable of being recycled; avoiding landfill sites and saving our environment.

The Green Bulb Difference

Green Bulb lamps use a proprietary housing and heat conductive material combination allowing for proper thermal heat dissipation. Our internal components are designed to withstand temperatures over 100 °C (212 °F) and have passed extended quality control testing.

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